Petition of the Western Pequots to the Connecticut General Assembly

The Tribe of Mashantucket Indians in Groton do petition to the General Assembly that is to be holden at Hartford in May next that they are dissatisfied with their overseers and pray that they may have one appointed over them to file the files1 and a clerk to assist him in the business, praying that Captain Eneas Morgan be appointed overseer and that Andrew Gallup be appointed clerk.  This is a position of the Mashantucket Tribe of Indians of Groton.

Lucy2 Ashbow
Catte Oxford:  This Indian prays that3 he may hold their possession as long as wood grows and water runs.
Groton, April 24, 1819



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  • 1. Deleted Text: of
  • 2. Deleted Text: Charles
  • 3. Deleted Text: they