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To sixteen pounds nails at 9 cents for the Pequot Tribe $1.44
January 4, 1826

         Endorsement: Gurdon Bill’s Bill, Number 11, $1.44

Received of Mark Daniels two cords, three and a half feet of bark at $6.50 per cord
                                                                                                        $15 .83/2 =7.91 ½
Half of which I am to account with Erastus Williams, Esq. per,
September 12, 18.25
             Endorsement: Roswell Allyn’s Bill Number 7, Credit $7.91

We, the subscribers, of the Pequot Indians do vote out Mr. John Richards from being our overseer any longer, and we do desire that Mr. Daniel Coit may continue to be our overseer, and we do vote in Mr. lawyer Nathan Stedman of Norwich to be our overseer and likewise do vote in Mr. Elisha Fitch of Norwich to be our overseer.

Charles Scadoab, his mark

Daniel Quocheats, his mark

Bought of John Hyde
Seven yards shirting Cambric at 2/6
100 brass nails at 1/
Ten 1 ½ inch screws at 10
One pair brass bolts at 1/6
One dozen ½ inch screws
Received of Mr. Henry Chesebrough, as Indian agent or Overseer, for and on account of Johanna Shantup, for two visits and medicine for said Johanna in the year 1825, 4 dollars.
Received per me,
To paid Pequot Indians by account of Colonel Thomas Wheeler in 1824
Elisha Crary as Overseer to Pequot Indians to Mark Daniels
To the Honorable Judges of the County Court, Norwich,
We, the inhabitants of the Pequot Tribe in Groton, do agree to have Mr. Erastus Williams of Groton for our overseer for the year to come as by our names here following:
Indian Tribe to Charles Chester