Niantic, Eastern

These for our friends and neighbors, the Indian sachems of Narragansett County, and especially unto PessicusNinigret, and the Old Squa Sachem, wife to Mixan, deceased, the Governor and Council of Massachusetts sendeth greeting:

The humble declaration of Harman Garrett (alias Wequashcook) unto the honored General Court humbly sheweth, 

We whose names are underwritten, attending our commission, sent three messengers to Ninigret to acquaint him we desired to speak with him at Mr. Stanton’s house or on the east side of Pawcatuck River.   His return you have in another paper, inviting us to run to him.

In pursuance of two orders of the General Court of the Massachusetts bearing date May 7, 1662 and May 18, 1664, as also an order of the Commissioners of the United Colonies bearing date 14th [of] September, 1663 for the granting and laying out lands for the Pequot Indians that live under Harman Garrett, alias Cashawashett.  We whose names are under written being thereunto appointed do lay out unto the said Harman Garrett and the Pequot Indians aforesaid, that now live on the east side of Pawcatuck River, two thousand acres of land in the Pequot Country at a place ca

Know all men by these presents that we, the Sachems of the Narragansetts,  in consideration of five hundred ninety five fathom of wampum required of us by the commissioners to be paid within four months, we say in consideration thereof, we do hereby firmly mortgage, make over, bargain and sell unto the Commissioners of the United Colonies, all our whole Country, with all our rights and titles there unto and all the privileges and appurtenances thereunto appertaining unto them the commissioners, their heirs, administrators or assigns forever to them and their proper use and behoove always pr