Pequonnock (Fairfield)

Chickheag I

Chickheag was a member of a significant Native family from the Sasqua-Aspetuck-Pequonnock communities.  He had at least three children, Sam, Queroheage, and a daughter whose name is yet recovered.  Chickheag's name appears on several Aspetuck and Sasqua deeds from 1672 to 1684.  In 1683 and 1692 he signed deeds in Westchester County, New York, where his daughter and her husband resided. 

Eunice Mossock, one of the Indian Natives, deposeth and says1 she was well acquainted with Sarah Wampey, late of Farmington, an Indian squaw now deceased, and that the said Sarah always told this deponent that she came from Poquannock at or near Stratford, and that the mother of said Sarah was frequently at Farmington with her daughter, the said Sarah, and a nu

Chops, John II, 1756 - 1818

John Chops II was the son of John Chops (Paugussett) and Sarah Shoran (Pequannock) of the Golden Hill Community.  He had at least one child, a son named Adonijah.  Like his father John, Sr., Chops served in the military: 1778 First Battalion, Bradley's Connecticut Regiment (1778), 5th Battalion (1778-1780), Connecticut 2nd Brigade (1783), Swift and Dobbin's Regiment of New York Volunteers (1814).  At the end of his life, at least, Chops lived upon a rising that later was known as "Chopsey Hil

Sherman, Tabitha

Tabitha Sherman (d. 1807)was a daughter of Tom Sherman (Pootatuck) and Eunice Shoran (Pequannock) of the Golden Hill Community in Stratford, Connecticut.  She had two daughters and possibly a son.  Not much is known about her. Tabitha and other family members petitioned for her father's land to be sold in 1802.  Unlike her sisters Eunice and Sarah, Tabitha remained at Golden Hill after the sale. Summary under the Criteria (Golden Hill Paugussett, 2003), 33, 137.