Whereas our predecessor Mannahanoose did for a long time since devise and wittingly kindle a fire that consumed the estate of Sergeant John Griffin and made over all his right and interest of land at Massacoe unto the said John Griffin for due recompense of the damage done, and whereas our predecessors Youchett and Pawmattaquam by a deed of sale made over and sold another parcel of land adjoining to the aforesaid
Know all men by these presents that we, Mamanto, Kipoquam, and Mattapauge, Mamanto's wife’s father, do own that the English have made good their right and titles to the lands of Weatauge against their claims yet for a quiet and peaceable possession of those to whom it is allotted by the committee.  The Court have ord

To the Honorable General Assembly of his Majesty’s Colony of Connecticut Sitting in New Haven in October, in the Year of Our Lord, 1742.