Adams, John (Quinnipiac-Tunxis)

John Adams was the son of Adam and Mary of the East Haven band of Quinnipiac and the brother of Samuel, Abigail, and Sarah Adams.  His wife’s name was Sarah, and the couple had four children: John, Jr (1755-c. 1804), Sarah, Simeon (d.c. 1829), and Samuel (d.c. 1812). 
The family removed from their Quinnipiac homeland around 1770 and settled at Farmington, Connecticut, where he served as a councilor.  From his father's will, Adams inherited an acre and a half of land and the frame of a small house, plus a third of five acres in the common field, a third of an orchard on Indian Hill, and a third of his father's rights to the East Haven grant.  He received more land in 1777 in the Tunxis reservation allotment.
Adams was a founding member of the Brothertown community and resided at Stockbridge before moving back to Oneida, where, in 1780, he and others petitioned the Connecticut General Assembly for assistance. 
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Before 1735