Curricomp, Andrew II, 1747 -

The son of Andrew Curricomp, Sr., Andrew Curricomp was a prominent member of the Tunxis community of Farmington, Connecticut.   After marrying a Native woman, Abigail, on February 18, 1768, he had several children: Elizabeth (1768), Anne (1770), Abigail (1778), Eliakim (1780), Thomas (1786), Jesse (1791), and Moses (1791).
Curricomp received a little over 2 acres in Lot 13 in the Northwest Division and about 5 acres in Lot 33 in the Third Tier in the Tunxis land allotment.  He was an active agent in organizing the Brothertown Movement and was an early settler in Oneida.  During the Revolution, Curricomp enlisted from West Stockbridge but returned to Brothertown at the war's end, settling on lots 120 and 121.  In 1797, Rev. Hart observed that 50-year-old Curricomp and three other Brothertown men had skin that was turning white.  Most likely they had the pigment depleting condition, vitiligo.  Curricomp died by 1818, for in that year his land was divided among his heirs.
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c. 1818