Hatchet Towsey II

The son of Cocopence, Hatchet Towsey II became a leading figure in the Tunxis community of Farmington, Connecticut.  He and his wife Sarah had at least eight children.  In 1726 he sold two tracts of land at Farmington's Fort Hill area.  The following year, he sold two parcels at Indian Neck while receiving one acre there in 1728. It is not known when or why the family removed to Potatuck Country in Woodbury, but they were there by 1741, when their 16-year-old daughter became gravely ill.  During her last sickness, she asked her parents and siblings to forsake their Native religion and embrace Christianity.  Shortly after her death, Hatchet Towsey petitioned the Connecticut General Assembly for a school and schoolmaster to help educate his children. Three of them -- Sarah, David, and Benjamin -- and his wife were subsequently baptized into Woodbury's Congregational Church two years later.