Huntington, Benjamin, 1736 - 1800

Benjamin Huntington (April 19, 1736-1800) was the son of Daniel Huntington of Norwich, Connecticut.  A graduate of Yale College (1761), he opened a law practice in his hometown after being admitted to the bar in 1765.  He was elected to the Connecticut's Upper House (1781-1793, Speaker 1778, 1779) and member of the Continental Congress (1780-1784, 1787-1788).  Huntington served as the Mayor of Norwich (1784-1796), judge of the New London Superior Court (1793-1798).  Richard T. Huntington, The Huntington Family in America (Hartford, CT: Huntington Family Association, 1915), 897-898.  IP 2.2.110.  Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

April 19, 1736