Keeter, Patience, 1755 -

Patience Keeter was born circa 1755, the daughter of Bethiah Keeter.  Sometime after 1808 and prior to 1811, Patience married a man with the last name Allen, probably Scipio Allen.  It was at least a second marriage for Scipio and most likely the same for Patience.  Patience Allen was a signatory, on a January 1811 Mashpee petition asking for the removal of their overseers and the right to choose their own.  She, along with about one hundred others, signed a May 21, 1833 petition complaining of outside interference in governmental and religious affairs at Mashpee.  The following year, Patience, age 79, was enumerated in an 1834 Mashpee census and was a signatory on the January 1834 Mashpee petition written by William Apes.  Patience signed along with 288 other Mashpee residents and community members outlining a number of longstanding grievances against the overseers and the Congregational missionary to the tribe.  In mid-October 1835, James Walker made a mark against Patience Allen's as being since dead.

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c. 1755
Before October 17, 1835