Peet, John

John Peat was a member of the Tunxis community in Farmington, Connecticut. Variations in the spelling of his name indicate that he is most likely a son of Pethus, a prominent figure in early 18th Century Tunxis leadership.
By 1766, Peet followed his father to Stockbridge, clearing enough of a 50-acre plat for settlement.  In 1777, he received five acres of land in Lot 2, First Tier, when the Connecticut General Assembly allotted tribal common land.  The following year, Peet was living in Westfield, Massachusetts when he sold his Farmington property to Samuel Robbins.  How long Peet remained among the Stockbridge is uncertain.  In 1780, tribal proprietor's records indicate that Catherine Cusk, the widow of James Cusk, Sr., a fellow migrant Tunxis and Stockbridge neighbor, had been living on Peet's land at that time and acquired the rights to it.
Indian Proprietors Book, Stockbridge, 62.  Sources for this biography also come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.

John Pethus
Pethus II