Robbins, Samuel (Wangunk/Tunxis)

Samuel Robbins was one of the descendant of the early Wangunk leader and healer, Robin, who had removed from the Wangunk reservation in the mid-eighteenth century.  His wife was named Moll.  Their daughter Ann (d. 1785) married Aaron Occom, (c. 1753-1771) the son of Samson Occom, of Mohegan.  In 1760 and 1762, while living among the Tunxis in Farmington, Connecticut, Samuel signed a petition to the Connecticut legislature for permission to dispose of the tribal land.  In 1761, he enlisted in Captain John Patterson’s 4th Company from Farmington.  By 1783, Samuel had sold his land in Farmington and removed to Brothertown in New York.  Several individuals with the surname Robin (Robbins, Roben) are found at Farmington, Connecticut and Brothertown, New York, although it is presently unclear of their relationship to Samuel.
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After 1777