Shoran Montaugh Wampey, Sarah

Sarah Shoran/Montaugk most likely was the daughter of Pequannock leader John Shoran/Montaugk of Stratford, Connecticut, and Susanhoounchsqua, a Tunxis woman.  Sarah married Wampey and had several children, including Elijah Wampey, Sr., Hannah Wampey, and Charles Wampey.  By 1782, she was known as a widow.  In 1785, she sold five acres of land with a small dwelling house to Elnathan Hooker, but the conveyance was later disputed.  Sarah Shoran Wampey died sometime before 1787.  Some have argued that this Sarah was also the wife of John Chops. However, the editors are hesitant to make that connection and believe that Sarah Shoran Chops is a different person.  More research needs to be done to clarify the relationship. 
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Sarah Wampey
Sarah Montaugh
Before 1797