Wawowos, James, - 1778

James Wawowos was the son of Wawowos, a late 17th century Tunxis leader.  He married a woman named Rachel and had at least one son, James (1768-c. 1806) and a daughter, Susannah.

According to Love, Wawowos was a student at the Indian school in Farmington, Connecticut and enlisted in Captain John Patterson’s company in 1755-1756 and in Captain Timothy Northam’s company of New York troops in 1762.  In May of 1765, Wawowos was signatory to a Wangunk petition to have a committee appointed with power to sell the land and distribute the proceeds to individual members or assign them shares of land, should they wish to hold on to it, which indicates that he or his wife was a descendant of the Wangunk proprietors in Middletown, Connecticut. 

At the same time, Wawowos served the Tunxis as a leader in his own right.  In 1767, he petitioned the Connecticut General Assembly on behalf of the Tunxis challenging colonial claims to the Indian Neck in Farmington.  Over the next several years, Wawowos, with Elijah Wampey and Solomon Mossuck, became involved with the plans to transplant at Brothertown.  By 1771, Wawowos was living at Stockbridge, Massachusetts and settled at Oneida sometime before the American Revolution.  He died there sometime before 1778.  Love, Samson Occom, 366. 

Before 1727
Before 1778

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