Whitman, Elnathan, Rev., 1709 - 1777

Reverend Elnathan Whitman was the son of Samuel Whitman and Sarah Stoddard of Farmington, Connecticut, and the husband of Abigail Stanley.  Through his mother, Whitman was first cousin to Rev. Jonathan Edwards.  After graduating from Yale College in 1726, Whitman worked as a tutor there for four years.  He then went on to become the minister of the Second Church in Hartford, succeeding Thomas Buckingham in 1732.  Whitman served in that capacity for forty-five years.
Edwin Pond Parker, History of the Second Church of Christ in Hartford (Hartford, CT: Belknap & Warfield, 1892), 111.  Image on page 110.
January 12, 1708/9
March 1776/7