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Hooker, Noadiah, 1737 - 1823

Colonel Noadiah Hooker was the son of Joseph Hooker and Sarah Lewis of Farmington, Connecticut.  He marched to Roxbury as a captain in early stages of the American Revolution, he was promoted to colonel in 1776.  After the war, Hooker was colonel in the 15th Regiment of the State Militia.  He was a representative of Farmington to the Connecticut General Assembly and served as the town's treasurer for thirty years and a justice of the peace for forty years. 

Adams, Ellen

Ellen Adams was the daughter of Solomon Adams (Tunxis) and Olive Occom (Mohegan) of Farmington, Connecticut.  She removed to New Marlborough, Massachusetts by 1801, when with her sisters and brothers in law sold her father's estate in Farmington.
Love, Samson Occom and the Christian Indians of New England, 336.  Additional sources for this biography come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.

Quichick, Abigail

Abigail Quichick was a member of the Tunxis community in Farmington, Connecticut.  It is unclear how she is related to Catherine Quichick.  A person with a similar-sounding name from the previous generation, Catornquechet, may have also been a relative.
In 1777, Abigail was one of several Tunxis community members who petitioned the Connecticut General Assembly for an allotment of their common land.  However, unlike Catherine, her name as Abigail Quichick is missing from the Legislature's granting the request.

Ashbow, Robert, 1725 - 1810

Robert Ashbow was the brother of the Reverend Samuel Ashbow and perhaps of John and Joseph Ashbow as well.  With his wife Betty, Robert had one son, Joel (1763) and several daughters, including one who died in 1776 and Hannah Ashbow Brushell Uncas (1769).  As a young leader in the Mohegan community, Robert’s mark appears on a document in support of the appeal of the Mohegan Indians against the Colony of Connecticut dated July 23, 1746.  In April of 1756 he enlisted under the command of Genera

Ashbow Brushell Uncas, Hannah

Hannah Ashbow [Brushell Uncas] was the daughter of Robert and Betty Ashbow.  Her name appears on a Mohegan petition written by her father in 1798.  Hannah married a Mohegan named Brushell and may have been the Hannah Ashbow that also married Western Niantic Samuel Waukeet in 1797. However, by 1827 she was living with John Uncas as his common-law wife.  

Mamanash Asbow, Hannah, 1716 - 1801

Hannah Mamanash was a member of the Wangunk tribe.  Her siblings most likely included a sister, “Billy” Mamanash, who in her sickness in 1772 was being supported by the Town of Windsor, Connecticut, and a brother, Joseph Mamanash (1727-1767) of Northampton, Massachusetts, who married Elizabeth Occom (c. 1720-1779), the sister of Samson Occom.  Hannah Mamanash married Samuel Ashbow (Mohegan) and their children were John Ashbow (b. 1753), Robert Ashbow (d. 1776), Samuel Ashbow, Jr.

Simon, Daniel

Born into the Narragansett community of Charlestown, Rhode Island, Daniel Simon was the son of Sarah Simon.  He became a pupil of Eleazar Wheelock around 1769, as had several of his siblings, and graduated from Dartmouth College as its first Native graduate in 1777.  Appointed a Presbyterian minister the following year, Simon served as a school teacher to the Stockbridge in Massachusetts and minister to the Lenape in New Jersey.
Daniel Simon Biography, The Occom Circle, Dartmouth College.