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Wawowos, Susannah

Susannah Wawowos was a Tunxis woman from Farmington, Connecticut.  How she was related to the tribal leader Wawowos is unclear, but she was most likely his wife or sister.  Susannah sold property near Pequabuck Meadow to Adam, a Quinnipiac man, in 1747.  

Towsey, Benjamin, 1765 - 1828

Benjamin Towsey, the son of David and Sarah Towsey, was born at Farmington, Connecticut and attended school there.  In 1777, he attended Wheelock's school in Dartmouth, New Hampshire, then served in Captain Hull's Company from West Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  Towsey married Elizabeth Curricump and removed to Brothertown, New York, where they received lot 20.  The couple had three children: Aaron, Sarah Ann, and David.  Benjamin and his wife Elizabeth died at Brothertown.  His lot was sold for his children's benefit in 1828.

Sarah (dau of Timothy)

Sarah was the daughter of Timothy Indian from the Tunxis community of Farmington, Connecticut.  She and her sister were placed under the guardianship of Solomon Mossuck after her father's death with the provision that the girls be provided for and taught to read until they turned sixteen.  Sarah married David Hatchet Towsey and had two children: Benjamin and Joseph.  It is unclear when she followed her husband to Stockbridge, Massachusetts, but she removed to Brothertown, New York, after David's death in 1778, receiving lot 45. Sarah returned to Stockbridge at a later point, causing the r

Towsey, David, - 1778

David Towsey was a son of Hatchet Towsey, a Pootatuck, and husband of Sarah, the daughter of Timothy Indian of Farmington, Connecticut.  One of them was a descendant from the original 17th century Wangunk proprietors.  The couple had at least two children, Benjamin (1765-before 1828) and Joseph (1769), both of whom were students of Eleazar Wheelock.  Towsey may have been the David noted as being baptized with several others of the Tunxis at New Hartford on June 17, 1744.