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Wampey, Elijah, 1734 - 1802

Elijah Wampey was a member of the Tunxis from Farmington, Connecticut who rose to a leadership position in the Christian Indian movement.  His his first wife was Eunice Wawowos and second, Jerusha.  His and Jerusha's children were Eunice (1764-1767), Elijah (1765-c. 1812), Eunice II (b. after 1767), Sarah, Hannah, Charles, Esther, and Sarah/Jerusha. Wampey enlisted in Captain William Wadsworth’s militia company from Farmington, Connecticut in 1757, serving 16 days, and in Captain John Patterson’s 4th Company of the 1st Regiment in 1761. 

Shoran Montaugh Wampey, Sarah

Sarah Shoran/Montaugk most likely was the daughter of Pequannock leader John Shoran/Montaugk of Stratford, Connecticut, and Susanhoounchsqua, a Tunxis woman.  Sarah married Wampey and had several children, including Elijah Wampey, Sr., Hannah Wampey, and Charles Wampey.  By 1782, she was known as a widow.  In 1785, she sold five acres of land with a small dwelling house to Elnathan Hooker, but the conveyance was later disputed.  Sarah Shoran Wampey died sometime before 1787.  Some have argued that this Sara

Howe, Sampson, Jr., 1716 - 1797

Samson Howe, son of Samson Howe and Alice Perley, was a farmer from Thompson Parish, Killingly, Connecticut.  He removed to the East Society of Middletown at Indian Hill sometime between 1745 and 1748, where his parcel gave him access to the Connecticut River.  In 1754, along with a number of East Society residents, Howe petitioned Middletown authorities for an access road on which they could move lumber to the ships on the river. In 1756, he petitioned the Connecticut General Assembly for permission to buy Wangunk land.  Howe was first lieutenant in Capt.

Meazon, Hannah (Tunxis)

Hannah Meazon was a Tunxis landowner in Farmington in 1788.  She may have been the wife, daughter, sister, or sister-in-law of Jonathan Meazon, the person in whose house Joseph Johnson resided seventeen years earlier.   Hannah was dead before April, 1788.
Murray, To Do Good to My Indian Brethren, 162, 163.  Additional sources for this biography come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.

Hart, Solomon, 1724 - 1805

Deacon Solomon Hart (1724-1805) was the son of Deacon John Hart and Esther Gridley of Farmington, Connecticut, and the husband of Experience Cole.  Hart served as a deacon of the Congregational Church.  Shortly after his marriage, Hart built a house on property he inherited from his father at a place known as Congee in Farmington.  There he and Experience raised nine children.  When the family removed to Tyringham, Massachusetts in 1763, Hart sold 2/3's of the house to Elijah Wampey "
(and 1/3 of the farm to Cornelius Indian.

Hooker, Elnathan, 1749 - 1822

Elnathan Hooker (1749-Novemeber 20, 1822) was the son of Roger Hooker and Anna Kellogg of Farmington, Connecticut.  A farmer, he also served as a constable and surveyor of highways for the town of Farmington. In 1776, he and his brother Roger purchased property at Congee from Elijah Wampey and Cornelius Indian.   From then he resided in the Wampey house, and for a fe