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Hart, John, 1684 - 1753

John Hart was born in Farmington, Connecticut, in 1684 (bap. Nov. 27, 1686), the son of Capt. John and Mary Hart. On March 20, 1706, he married Esther Gridley, the daughter of the trader Samuel Gridley, and both were admitted members of the church at Farmington on Jan. 31, 1712. Hart was chosen deacon of the Farmington church on Nov. 19, 1718. He was town clerk and elected twenty-three times representative from Farmington to the Connecticut General Court between the years 1717 and 1743.

Rew, John, 1696 - 1783

John was the son of John Rew of Farmington, Connecticut.  In 1718, he married Margaret Seymour Root, the widow of Timothy Root.  After her death, he wed Esther Porter, a widow, in 1752 and in 1759, married Sarah Deeming.  His property abutted Tunxis land, and in 1767, he was a defendant in James Wawowos' lawsuit.