Certification regarding Tunxis Indian Land

These may certify all whom it doth or may concern that there is in Farmington a certain tract of land within the common field in a place going by the name of the Indian Neck, containing, by estimation, about ninety acres, which hath always been esteemed land belonging to the Indians belonging to said Farmington, and when the Town of Farmington purchased the land in their township of the said Indians, there is mention made that said tract of land was not intended to be sold but still remained firm and fast unto the said tribe of Indians, where they improved, plowed, and planted, and raised corn for their subsistence, which tract of land is bounded east and south with the river, north with part of Wells’s Farm, and west with land of Daniel Lewis.  But more lately, some particular Englishmen of said town have, under pretense of purchase, entered upon and improved the said land, excepting a small pittance thereof, which still remain in the improvement of the said Indians, the rest, all claimed and improved by particular English persons.
Farmington, May 2, 1738                                            
Cataloguing:    172, 201