Deed from Wawowos and Others to Thomas Wadsworth and the Town of Farmington


[Editorial Note: The document has a large hole in the middle/middle left.]

This writing made this eighteenth of March [in the] year of our Lord 1714/15 between Wawowos and Tomquoch, alias Na[ large hole ] and Toxcronnick and Wonacomen, Indians of the Town of Farmington, also, so many of the Indians as sh[  large hole ][on] the one part) and Thomas Wadsworth of the Town of Farmington aforesaid in the County of Hartford [ large hole ] New England, on the other part, witnesseth that we, the afore-named Indians, so many of [ illegible ][ large hole ]ther time shall subscribe this instrument have for ourselves and for all [Farmington Indians] [ large hole ] any other[ hole ] bargained and sold and, by these presents, we, the subscribers, for ourselves, and for all Farmington Indians [ large hole ] bargain[ hole ] pass over unto the aforesaid Wadsworth for the use of the Town of Farmington to have and [  large hole  ] bargain, sell, [ hole ] parcel of land lying and being situate in the Township of Farmington aforesaid [ large hole ] containing so much land as is in four rods in breadth, easterly and westerly and to run [ large hole ] land, which piece or parcel of land butts easterly on the Indian land in the place the common [ large hole ] Indians' land, northerly and southerly on land that lyeth in common and belongeth [  large hole  ] so much land on the easterly side of the four rods In breadth as is sufficient for to erect a sufficient [  large hole ] recording as the owners of the [ hole ] shall see cause.  This parcel of land, thus prescribed, supposed [   [ large hole ] acres with [ hole ]and [ hole ]ed full to erect fence upon as is above expressed, we, the Indian [  large hole  ] subscribers for ourselves [  large hole  ]all the re[ hole ]ns do remit, release, and relinquish all our former right, title, power. claim, [  large hole ]bing and surrendering the said power, claim, and interest in the premises to the aforesaid Wadsworth [  large hole  ] or assigns to have and to hold for the use of the Town of Farmington, aforesaid, the foresaid four rods in [  large hole  ]eal highway forever assuring the said Wadsworth. that we have lawful right to the premises and the same [  large hole ] same do convey as aforesaid, and we, the Indians subscribers, do hereby covenant for ourselves and our heirs [ large hole  ] generally binding ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators to the aforesaid Wadsworth, his heirs, executors, and assigns [  illegible ] and appurtenances mentioned in the premises and shall be free from all forever bargains, sales, joinders, [ illegible ] leases, fines, fees, entails, or any other encumbrances whatsoever, and we, the Indians, every of us, the subscribers, do convey [ hole ] covenant for ourselves, our heirs, and all the rest of Farmington Indians firmly binding ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators jointly and severally to the aforesaid Wadsworth, his heirs, and assigns, that he and they and the Town of Farmington shall and [ will? ] from time to time and at all times lawfully, quietly, peaceably possess, enjoy, and improve the above bargained premises in [ hole  ]d every part thereof as he, the said Wadsworth, or the Town of Farmington see cause [ illegible ] [ hole ] any let, trouble, eviction, ejection, or molestation from us or any of us or any other Farmington Indian or Indians or any other person or persons, claiming in, by, or under us or either of us or by virtue of any other former [ hole ] real or pretended [  hole  ] [ illegible ] warranting and hereby confirming the above-bargained premises to be to the aforesaid Wadsworth for use of the Town of Farmington aforesaid, a good, sure, and lawful estate in fee simple, which he and they may enter upon [ hole ] record to themselves as they see cause, and we, the aforesaid Indians, acknowledge that we have received a full satisfaction or good security for a satisfaction for the premises at ten shillings per acre. 
In witness hereunto, we have set to our hands and seals in the presence of us,
Tomquoch, his mark and seal
Queroheag, his mark and seal
Wanacomen, his mark and seal 
Wawowos, his mark and seal
Coponis,[1] his mark and seal
Pethus, his mark and seal    
Toxcronnick, T.C., mark and seal
John Wadsworth, Hezekiah Wadsworth, Witnesses                         
The words selves our between [the] nineteenth and twentieth lines was interlined before signing
Wawowos, Tomquoch, Queroheag, and Wanacomen, all Farmington Indians, and subscribers to this foregoing instrument came personally before me and acknowledged the same to be their own free and voluntary act and deed, John Hooker, Justice, Farmington, March [ hole ] in the Year of Our Lord 1715
Pethus and Toxcronok, Farmington Indians, came personally before me and acknowledged this instrument to which they have subscribed to be their own free act and deed, John Hooker, Justice, March 29, 1715
A true copy of the original deed of sale received to be recorded, December 31, 1726, per John Hooker, Registrar

[1] Most likely, Compounce or Compound