Deed from Hatchet Towsey to John Hatchet Towsey

Know all men by these presents that Hatchet Towsey, an Indian formerly belonging to Farmington, now resident In Woodbury,  son of Cochepence of said Farmington, for the love, goodwill, and affection I have for my son, John Hatchet Towsey, have given and by these presents for myself and my heirs give, grant, make over, and convey unto my said son, John, all my right, title, and interest in my land at Farmington that lies on the west side of the meadow as it lies undivided with the rest of the Indian proprietors for him my said son, John, his heirs. and assigns, to have and to hold the said gifted premises without let or molestation from me or any person or any person under me or my heirs from the date hereof forever for his and their own use and benefit as a good estate of inheritance forever.
In witness whereof, I have hereto set my hand and seal,
Hatchet Towsey, seal
April 9, 1747                     
Signed, sealed, and delivered in our presence, Joseph Minor, mark, Joseph Minor, Jr.
Woodbury, April 9, 1747
Then personally appeared Hatchet Tousey, the Indian that signed and sealed the above written instrument and acknowledged the same to be his free act and deed before me, Joseph Minor Justice of the Peace
The foregoing deed received, September 21, 1747, and recorded, per John Hart, Registrar