Gallup, Andrew, 1761 - 1853

Andrew Henry Gallup (January 26, 1761-March 16, 1853) was the son of Henry Gallup and Hannah Mason of Groton, Connecticut and a descendant of John Gallop, one of John Mason, Jr.'s commanders, both of whom were killed at the Narragansett Fort Fight during King Philip's War.  On his mother's side, he was related to Captain John Mason. 
Gallup was an artilleryman at Fort Griswold and was wounded by a musket ball in the hip and the groin and stabbed in the rib and arm with a bayonet, when the British attacked it on September 6, 1781. After the war, he settled in Groton (now Ledyard) as a farmer.  In a 1819 petition to the Connecticut General Assembly, a number of Pequots at Mashantucket requested that he be appointed a clerk for tribal affairs.  Despite his war injuries, Gallup lived to the advanced age of 92.
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January 26, 1761
March 16, 1853