Treadwell, John, 1745 - 1823

John Treadwell (November 23, 1745-August 19, 1823) was the son of Captain Ephraim Treadwell and Mary Porter of Farmington, Connecticut.  Tutored under Rev. Timothy Pitkin, Treadwell later attended Yale College and graduated in 1767.  He briefly studied law in Middletown but returned to work his family farm and teach.  In 1776, he was elected to the Connecticut General Assembly, serving from 1776-1785, and 1814-1815.  He continued public service in the following positions.  Council of Assistants (178501798), Justice of the Peace for Hartford County (1777-17782, 1784-1795), Judge of Farmington Probate Court (1784-1809), Judge of Hartford County County Court (1795-1798), Deputy Governor of Connecticut (1798-1809), and Governor (1809-1811).
Biographical Dictionary of the United States Congress.  Image from Museum of Connecticut History.